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2018 Masters Nationals Shipping Ski Tips

Getting your skis from point A to point B can be a real hassle, not to mention expensive. To help alleviate some of the added stress that comes along with flying your skis across the country, we’ve partnered with Ship Skis. We know our racers have a lot invested in their equipment and need to make sure it not only arrives on time but in the same condition as when it left. That’s why we’ve partnered with Ship Skis, because they specialize in one thing…shipping skis!



We want racers to be focused on competing and how much fun they are going to be having and not on logistics. So if you are traveling from a far and want to make your trip a little easier, check out the Ship Skis deal (available soon).
We are still finalizing all of the details but some high-level information is below.
Some details:
  • Skis and other luggage can be picked up at residence of the racer – no need to drive to a FedEx store or to an airport.
  • Shipments need to be made 3 days prior to the start of the event. For Nationals that means Feb. 1st or 2nd.
  • Items will be shipped directly to Okemo (still working on ironing out the details on this) or to their lodging location.
  • Items will be picked up from Okemo on Monday, Feb. 12th and will arrive at racer residence 3 days later (Thurs., Feb. 15th).
  • Insurance is included in the price up to $500. Addtional insurance can be purchased in $500 increments for a few extra dollars.
The cost:
  • The retail cost for a double ski bag round trip from Denver to Okemo is $300.
  • The expected 10% discounted rate would be $270.
  • If more racers use the service, the discount rate will increase for everyone.


Overall, this is much cheaper than simply shipping via FedEx or UPS. Some airlines allow a certain number of free checked bags and then it’s usually $100-$150 per bag (round trip) . So you are paying  a slight premium to avoid the hassle of dragging all of your gear to/from the airport and everything else that goes along with that experience.
Shipping skis could also impact the type of rental car needed. If you are flying with all of your skis and gear you will likely need a big van (expensive). If you are only flying with general items you will need a car or SUV (not expensive).