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2018 Masters Nationals Accommodations

Whether you are looking for something sprawling and  luxurious or just a simple place to relax, Okemo has your lodging needs covered. Click here to view all available Okemo run properties.

All Masters racers receive a 35% discount off Mountain Lodge and Kettle Brook properties.
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What you need to know:
  • All races will take place on the “Main Face” of the mountain. So if you are looking to stay as close to the base of operations as possible, we recommend staying near the Clock Tower Base Lodge. The most convenient properties for this area are Okemo Village and Kettle Brook and Winterplace.
    • Expert Tip!
      • Winterplace is uphill from all race finish line areas, so to get here after a race you will need to ski down to the Clock Tower Base Lodge and take the lift back up. All said it will only add a few extra minutes to your commute.
  • Jackson Gore is the newer, high-end lodging option at Okemo. There are a variety of different lodging options in Jackson Gore, as well as some great restaurants and tons of amenities. If you are traveling with children this would be a great choice.
    • Expert Tip!
      • Getting from Jackson Gore to the race venues is not convenient via chairlift, however there is a shuttle that will get you over to the Clock Tower Base Lodge in just a couple of minutes.
      • If you can, we recommend ditching the shuttle ride back to Jackson Gore and taking the scenic route back. The journey will take you down a some great trails filled with all sorts of varying terrain that is sure to get your heart pumping. Who knows, you might just hop right back on the lift for round two!
  • Solitude Village is a great in-between spot filled with newer houses and condos. There is even a recreation center with a heated pool, outdoor Jacuzzi and sauna- perfect for relaxing after crushing it on the race course all day. This is a great spot if you are looking for something nice and you don’t need to be right where all the action is.
    • Expert Tip!
      • Getting to/from the race venues is more convenient than Jackson Gore but still requires a little bit of work.
      • Try to book an end-unit closest to the Sidewinder trail. From here you can ski right down to the Solitude Express Quad which drops you off on Express Lane, taking you right down to the Clock Tower Base Lodge. Think of it as taking a warm up run.
      • There is also a shuttle that will take you over to Jackson Gore or the Clock Tower Base Lodge

Feel like staying off the mountain? No problem! There are plenty of lodging options in and around the downtown Ludlow area.

What you need to know:
  • Most off-mountain locations are still only a few minute drive from the Clock Tower Base Lodge. So you can sleep in a little longer and grab some Dunkin Donuts on the way.
  • Depending on where you stay, there is even a shuttle that will take you right to the Clock Tower Base Lodge. Click here to see shuttle routes and schedules.
  • Ludlow lodging options consist mainly of motels and B&B’s. There is also the Home Style Hostel right in the center of town. This is actually very nice hostel and is perfect for anyone on a budget.
  • There are no chain hotels in Ludlow so those Marriott and Hilton points won’t help you on this trip.
  • The nicest off-mountain hotel near Okemo is The Castle Hill Resort & Spa. The hotel is located just up the road from Ludlow and is popular among New England Masters racers when they are in town for races. The property has 2 venues, The Castle and The Pointe. The Castle is more luxury, high-end style condos and The Pointe is your typical hotel room setup. Just about everyone stays at The Pointe.
    • Expert Tip!
      • Upon your return, throw on the swim suit, grab a beverage (or two) and head down to the pool/hot tub. The spacious hot tub is a must after any day on the slopes and you’ll likely find some fellow racers there recounting their runs as well.
  • If you are looking to rent a house, condo or even just a room, Airbnb and VBRO are great resources to get started. You will also find many on and off mountain lodging options.
  • If you are on a budget try the Manchester Ski House. Many of the houses will rent rooms to outside guests. They might even have a few ski racers themselves and it is a great way to meet other people. There is also a shuttle stop by the house. Cost is $35/night. Please contact Lou Gaedt (lgaedt@atlanticbb.net) for more info and to reserve your spot.
  • Looking to share a room or have extra space in your place that you want to fill? Visit the Nationals Racer Forum.