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2020 (Preliminary) Schedule Released

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Greetings racers-
NEMS is excited to release the preliminary schedule for the upcoming 2020 race season! I want to emphasize that this is just a “preliminary” schedule. While most of the events are locked in, we are still working on finalizing a handful of the event details. So please keep an eye out for updates! 

A couple of things to note:

  • Suicide 6 – There will be gate training before the race. There will be a delayed start that day to allow racers to get in some gate time. We will have more info on this.
  • Shawnee Peak – We are expecting to hold two (2) races in one day.
  • Gunstock – Welcome back!! It’s been awhile old friend. This will be a non-sanctioned USSS race. Expect this to be more than just your “normal” slalom race.
  • West Mountain – Valentines Day Weekend. Start earning those brownie points now!
  • Stoneham – Not a typo! There will be FIS Masters races in Canada this year. It will be a great event with racers from across the U.S. and the world in attendance. The races won’t count towards Sise Cup. Unfortunately it will conflict with the Hoch Race. We tried to move the race but couldn’t. FIS races are run a bit different then NEMS and require a FIS license, so we will have a lot more info on this.
  • Finals – We are still working out the final details for our finals weekend. Stay tuned!
  • Nationals – Expect an announcement on where the Eastern Division will be defending the National Championship very soon.


Training Opportunities:

Masters Camp @ Copper Mountain (Nov. 16-22, 2019)
Looking to get a jump start on your training? Check out this well-known Masters Camp at Copper Mountain (IKON Pass) run by Dave Edry (Stratton) and U.S. Elite Camps. For more info click HERE.

Masters Training Clinic @ Mount Snow (Jan. 14-17, 2020)

Back by popular demand! Lisa Densmore Ballard will again be running a Masters Training Clinic at Mt. Snow (now on Epic Pass). For more info click HERE.

Additional Clinics and Training Opportunities:
Make sure to check out the NEMS Training/Clinics page for the updates and other opportunities. We are always updating this page as we hear about camps/clinics/training, so make sure to check in if you are looking to see what’s available.


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Be a part of the Oldest ski race in America!  

This Saturday, February 23rd, NEMS is back in action at Mittersill for the 82nd Hochgebirge Cup Challenge.

Mittersill is rich in New England ski history, going back to the 1930s, and was recently re-opened and has been designated as a training site for the U.S. Ski Team.  Directions can be found by clicking here!

$55 you get a ticket and two race runs!  The Hochgebirge Challenge is a full length Giant Slalom that will take place on the Taft trail at Mittersill. Anyone who has raced in the Hochgebirge Challenge in previous years can tell you just how much fun this course is, and it is great for all levels of racers.

Bottom line, this will be an exciting day, so don’t miss out!

Want to make this race even more fun & exciting? create a team to compete for some legendary awards!

         Awards For the Day:

  • Fastest Team (GIANT TROPHY, see photo below: Hochgebirge Challenge Cup)
  • Fastest All-Female Team (Harding Trophy)
  • Old Person Team
  • Fastest Male (Alex Bright Award)
  • Fastest Female (Clarita Heath Bright Award)
  • Team Class Winners
  • Fastest 3 in Each Class (Individual Awards)



  • All racers need to wear a hard-sided helmet. If you do not have a hard-sided helmet please contact Derek Griggs ( and we will work to find you one.
  • This will be a USSS sanctioned race, and therefore all racers will need a USSS license. If you don’t have one NEMS will comp the $20 fee, however, you will need to arrive to the mountain early to fill out the form with our Race Administrator, Lucy Blake. It will take only a couple of minutes.
  • Speed suits are NOT required. If you don’t have one, or just don’t feel like wearing one, no problem! Just show up and have fun!


Team Rules: Teams can be made up of any mix of age or gender, but the class awards are dedicated by the age of the youngest team member.  The trophies are displayed at the New England Ski Museum in Franconia, NH. Be a part of history!  Bring the form found at this link to registration with $20 (donation to the Hochebirge Club for hosting us).

PARTY: An epic after party at the Hochgebirge Hilton will start at 3pm. Located just up the road from Cannon, the Hochgebirge Hilton is one of the most well-known ski houses in New England. There will be lots of food, drinks and plenty of swag and prizes – including a new pair of race skis from our sponsor, Artech.  You need to be there to win, so come by after the race, have a beer, grab some grub and brag about how awesome your run was…you might just win a new pair of skis.

Register today at
Click Here for the Sign-up Form for Your Team
Need help registering? Details can be found here.

If you have any other questions about the race please contact Matt Mitsis (

5th Annual Beer League Challenge

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Attention Beer Leaguers!

Are you ready for the ultimately Beer League throw down? Bragging rights are on the line this weekend as NEMS heads back to Ragged Mountain this Saturday (2/9)  for the 5th Annual Beer League Challenge. Think your beer league is the best around? Prove it! Join NEMS racers from around New England as we team up to represent our home mountains and battle for beer league supremacy. Not on a beer league team? No problem! Teams are always looking to pick up another racer. Just let us know and we’ll hook you up.

The race will be a full-length GS on Flying Yankee which offers everything from pitch to flats to rolling terrain. It’s a truly exciting course! Everyone gets two runs regardless, so make sure to leave something in the tank for run #2.

Following the race we head upstairs in the lodge for the after-party were the winning team will take home some cold beer and the ultimate bragging rights over all other beer leagues. But there’s more! We’ll also be giving away a bunch of swag from our sponsors and new pair of Fischer GS skis. You need to be present to win though, so make sure you stick around for a beer and some pizza. 

If you’re still hungry for more racing come back the following day for our Sunday Funday Slalom. Filling the void on Sunday post- Super Bowl can be tough, but thankfully NEMS has you covered! Come on out and do a little Slalom skiing, have some fun free skiing and be home in time for dinner. What’s better than that?! Plus if you race in the Beer League Challenge AND the Sunday Funday Slalom you will be entered to win a $100 Artech gift card. NEMS members receive 20% off at Artech so that can really add up. You need to be present at Sunday’s after party to win, so stick around following the race.


If you would like to join in on the party make sure to register at under the New England Masters Series- Sise Cup. A USSS License is required for the race. If you have any questions on obtaining a temp license please contact our Race Administrator, Lucy Blake, at She will be happy to answer your questions.

2018 BLC Winning Team: Dilly Dilly!


Hubert Schriebl photos from Stratton Eastern Regionals

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Hubert Schriebl photos from Stratton Eastern Regionals

Lobstah Cup – 2019

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The 3rd Annual Lobstah Cup

Shawnee Peak, ME

Saturday, Feb. 2nd

The New England Masters are back for the 3rd Annual Lobstah Cup! Come join racers from around New England as they square off in an exciting Giant Slalom race down Headwall & East Slope. If you’ve never done a Masters race this is a great opportunity to  try it out on a “masters friendly” course with some really fun people. Make sure to stick around for the post-race festivities with some food, prizes and lots of stories. There will also be a cash bar available.
Additional Details:
Cost: $55 per day (includes a ticket)
Where: Shawnee Peak’s The Headwall / East Slope
Time: Register 8:00-9:15 am
1st Run – 9:30 am start
2nd Run – 1:00 pm (reset after completion of 1st run)
Format: 2 runs (regardless if you finish the 1st run), organized by age class, World Cup points system
USSA: This is a USSS sanctioned race, so if you do not carry the USSS Masters license please bring an insurance card with you to register for a short term daily license. If you have a USSA license that is not a Masters USSA license, call USSA at 435-649-9090 and ask to add “Masters” to your license. There is no additional cost.


Common Questions with Answers:

Q1. Do I have to be a New England Masters racer to participate?
A1.  No, but we encourage all racers after the first year to join NEMS. If you haven’t been a member for a few years you are welcome to give it a try again before joining, but only members are eligible for the grand prizes at the end of year banquet and discounts from our sponsors.

Q2. What skill level do I need to have?
A2.  We have racers of all ability levels, from brand new racers to former U.S. Ski team members and everything in between (beer league, past high school race team, NASTAR, USSA, FIS, etc.)

Q3. How old do I need to be to participate?
A3.  Racers must be 18 years old to race.

Q5. How much does a race cost and what is included?
A5. The race fee is $55, which includes a lift ticket and two runs (regardless of your finish the prior run). So when you aren’t racing you can enjoy free skiing the area!

Q6. If I have a seasons pass, do I still have to pay the full amount?
A6. At most mountains, yes. Check the website “Race Info Sheet” to see if there is a pass discount or email the NEMS race administrator Lucy Blake

Q7. Do I need a USSS license to race?
A7. Yes, but if you are new to New England Masters you can give it a try with a short term license that NEMS will cover the cost for you!  All you need to do is fill out a form at registration and have an insurance card in hand.

Q8. How do I register?
A8. Registrations can be completed online ahead of time at Click here for detailed instructions.

Q9. Can I register on the day of the race?
A9. Yes, however we encourage racers to pre-register since onsite registration takes longer to complete and once a full NEMS member you will be charged an addition late fee of $10.  If you sign-up and don’t show-up the Did Not Start fee is only $5, and it’s easy to unregister on skiracereg with a click of a button until noon the day before the race series begins.

Still have questions?
Contact the Race Administrator Lucy Blake at

Middlebury-Suicide 6 Race Recap

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This past weekend the NEMS Express rolled into the Green Mountain State (that’s Vermont) for a GS at the Middlebury Snow Bowl on Saturday and a SL at Suicide 6 on Sunday. We were a few days removed from a mid-week snowstorm which dropped about 7 inches of much needed new snow, and smack dab in the middle of a brutal cold front which brought in temps beginning with a dreaded minus sign (-) at the front of it. Needless to say folks were spending a little bit of extra time indoors this weekend. The one saving grace, besides hot chocolate and toe warmers, was the perfect blue bird sky which left the sun on full display and created some absolutely amazing views. We’re talking postcard worthy stuff folks!

Any weekend I have the chance to get out of the city and hit the slopes for some racing is exciting for me. This weekend was exciting for another reason. In all of the years I have been racing for NEMS, this was my first trip to the Snow Bowl! [Insert happy dance here.] It’s hard to imagine that I had never been there before. I had planned on attending last year but the race was canceled due to a lack of snow, so this was a weekend I had been looking forward to for well over a year. After all, everyone always talks about Middlebury and how it might be small, but its race trail, Allen, is really awesome. While I didn’t get a chance to experience a race down the full trail, I can certainly understand why people talk so passionately about it. It definitely looks like it would be an amazing GS course and I can only hope that I have the opportunity race down it one day in the future.

Saturday began with the temps hovering around -6 degrees and with everyone huddled up in the lodge trying to reassess why they still enjoy ski racing and what the right layering strategy would be. I always say it takes a special person to willfully throw themselves down a mountain on skis at high speeds in nothing but a thin layer of spandex. It takes a total badass to do it in artic temperatures. Nostril freezing temps aside it actually turned out to be an amazing day. The trees were covered in snow and frosted over which led to some really great views from the chairlift. The temps gradually warmed up to a balmy 12 degrees, oh and we did some ski racing as well. While I know there was some disappointment that we did not have a full-length GS down Allen, running a shortened three-run GS was actually a lot of fun. The joke around the group was that if you blinked you would miss your own run. It was definitely a shorter course than we are used to at around 30 seconds with a mostly tuckable top section, a couple of key gates on the pitch followed by a sprint to the finish. But as we saw at the Sunapee SL, even a short course can cause some issues. A unique aspect of this race was that the group ran the same course for the first two runs, and since there was a small field for the race and the snow held up really well, it was a good test to see if you could improve on your time having run the course already. At the end of the day and after three runs, the difference between the top two times was separated by a mere 0.03 seconds!! Congratulations to the men’s and women’s overall winners, Chris Beadon & Cinthia Audet, and thank you for everyone who made the trip up to the Snow Bowl and battled through the cold temps. To see the results from the race click here.

On Sunday everyone headed over to Suicide 6 for the annual Bunny Bertram Memorial race. Now before we get into all of the action I would be doing a disservice if I didn’t mention the real excitement that took place on Friday. To get a jump start on the competition a few NEMS racers were up at S6 doing some SL training. What they also got some practice in was how to get evacuated off a chairlift. Yikes! Kidding aside that is a situation you never want to be in, especially in the frigid temps they were fighting though. While I’m happy the paparazzi was there to capture it all, I’m happy that everyone was able to get off safely and get warmed up. Hopefully the mountain bought them a burger and a beer for their troubles! Ok, maybe two beers. Fast forward to Sunday, with the cold temps still lingering and the chairlift up and running, the NEMS racers attacked what is often referred to as one of the better SL hills on the schedule. With some great snow conditions and a couple of great courses to work with, the field made quick work of the day’s challenge producing some exciting runs, and of course a few defeats. Congratulations to the men’s and women’s overall winners on the day, Matt Dodge & Cinthia Audet, and to the winners of this year’s Bunny Bertram Memorial!!

NEMS is off next week for the holiday weekend. I hope everyone who is attending the race camp at Mt. Snow this week has a great time and picks up lots of tips along with some valuable gate time. Next up are the Eastern Regional races at Stratton! It’s going to be an amazing few days of racing with some great after parties as well. I hope to see you all up there!


Matt Mitsis

And We’re Off!!

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This past weekend we officially kicked off the 2019 NEMS race season with two races at Mount Sunapee. The first races of the season are always some of my favorites because it means I’m finally back on snow in gates and doing what I love to do, ski racing. Let me rephrase here, I am trying to ski race. It also means that I get to see so many of my fellow racers that I haven’t spoken with or seen in many months. It’s like the first day back at school after summer vacation, but without any of the actual school stuff. Just recess!

I think it is fair to say that this wasn’t exactly the opening weekend we had all hoped for. With the recent influx of warmer temps and seemingly endless rain I am sure many of us were seeing flashbacks of last year and thinking “here we go again!” New England weather is funny like that, and the old saying “if you don’t like the weather just wait a day” was on full display this weekend. In a matter of just two days we had rain, sun, clouds, snow, and of course, wind…very high winds. Then one day later we’re right back down to freezing with a snowstorm expected mid-week. Crazy!

Saturday we kicked things off with a slalom race. The weather leading up to the race resulted in some thin cover where we would typically start so the race crew decided to use the NASTAR start house instead. Normally you would expect to hear some grumbling about the shorter course, but being the first race, the wet weather, and the first time in gates for many of the racers this season, I think just about everyone was ok with it. Now don’t let the fact that we raced a slalom race down a NASTAR trail fool you. Both courses were technical and kept things very interesting from start to finish, showcasing some great racing across the board.

On Sunday we were right back at it with a top-to-bottom Giant Slalom race down Lynx. Thankfully the temps had dropped overnight which left us with some pretty good conditions for the race. The free skiing wasn’t so good, but that’s for everyone else to deal with! At least it wasn’t raining, right? Ok, back to the race. Historically one of our larger races, attendance was unusually low this year for this race at just over 70 racers. Too bad because it was a good one! Lynx is known to be a truly awesome race trail and Sunday’s race did not disappoint. It also happens to be one of the longest GS courses of our season, which is somewhat terrifying because it is usually our first race and the first time in GS gates for most NEMS racers. I know I was questioning my current state of mind about 45 seconds into the run which only got worse when I realized I still had almost another 30 seconds remaining. I probably should have been thinking more about setting up for that final under gate. Something I need to work on before next week I suppose. Anyways, the end result for most is usually a big smile of relief followed by the customary gasping for air. NEMS might need to look into our policy on the use of supplemental oxygen for next year.

All in all it was a fun weekend and a good start to the season. I want to extend a special merci beaucoup to our Canadian friends who made the journey down this weekend and kicked some butt in the process. We’re looking forward to seeing you at Stratton in a few weeks. I also want to give a big thank you to the entire Sunapee Race crew that put on our races this weekend. It is one thing to race in cruddy weather; it is an entirely different (and worse) thing to stand around in it all day. With that, we’re on to Middlebury and Suicide 6. See ya out there!


Matt Mitsis

NEMS Goes to The Boston Ski Expo!

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If you have ever attended a ski expo, whether in Boston, Denver, New York or elsewhere, you know that it is essentially a sensory overload of all things related to the ski & snowboard industry. In other words, it’s complete chaos, but in a fun and exciting kind of way! You literally have hundreds of vendors, representing anything closely connected to the industry, spread across a massive floor space and they are all trying to get your attention (and your money). Now, when I say anything, I mean anything! For example, I found it ironic that T-Mobile was at the Boston expo this year. Not because they are a cell phone company, but rather because everyone I know that has T-Mobile always complains about how terrible their service is on the mountain when they are trying to check Live-Timing! That’s just one example, but there are usually a few more that can leave you scratching your head in confusion when you walk by. Kidding aside, there are a ton of great companies at the expo each year that give attendees a glimpse into what is happening across the industry. From capital improvements at resorts, to the newest fashion trends, and even the newest technology, it’s all there under one giant roof.

In the middle of it all was the hottest booth at the expo this year…the NEMS booth! This year NEMS had the pleasure of being located in the Maine section next to Sunday River, Sugarloaf and our friends at Shawnee Peak. So if anyone says that NEMS doesn’t spend enough time in Maine, I would just refer them to the four crazy days we spent there in November, plus the one day at Shawnee Peak we have scheduled in February of course! Anyways, the expo, in many respects, is a competition between the Marketing departments of every company in attendance. As an attendee I absolutely love it, but as a vendor it gives me heartburn. Thankfully, over the last three years NEMS has been investing in our booth for the expo and this year our booth looked great! We even sold some NEMS merchandise. Go figure!

Overall it was a really good showing at the expo for NEMS this year. Not only did our booth look great, but we continued to build our brand awareness within the ski community. We even signed up a few new members! More on that in just a moment though. Being able to promote the NEMS brand to such a broad and diverse group of people at the Boston expo is such a huge advantage for us. In addition to some key players in the industry, many of the venues we race at, and the business partners we are connected with, are also in attendance. Layer on the over ten thousand people (yes, that’s 10,000+ people) that visit the expo during the course of four days and you could not ask for a better platform to showcase NEMS. While we have made great progress here we still have a lot of work to do, but I am excited about where we are headed. You must be doing something right when a penguin stops by, right?

Now, remember those new members I mentioned? In addition to brand promotion, we also use the expo to try and sign up new racers. This year we signed up eight individuals, a few even have some pretty solid racing experience. I am always excited to introduce new people into our NEMS community and I am very much looking forward to seeing them out on the hill this season. So welcome to the family! We hope you are as excited about the upcoming season as we are.

Last, but certainly not least, I want to give special thanks all of the volunteers who helped out at the NEMS booth this year. Our success at the expo does not happen without you being there.


Needless to say we will be back at the expo next year, but for now we’re on to 2019 and the start of what should be a terrific race season! I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving and holiday season. Just remember the speed suit you need to fit into when reaching for that second slice of pie! 🙂

All the best,

Matt Mitsis

NEMS 2018-19 Schedule Released

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The wait in finally over! It might be mid-summer, and months away from anything that closely resembles snow, but we’re so excited about next year’s schedule that we just had to share it with the world. Ok, the world might be a bit much but we are really pumped about the schedule and we know just how much our racers anticipate its arrival… here it is!!
As you can clearly see, this is one jam packed season with potentially 21 races across 5 states. Just let that sink in for a minute. Now, given its August and we are still working on many of the details that will go into making this season a success, there aren’t a whole lot of specifics we can get into just yet. But stay turned! We’ll have more updates as we head into the fall.


A Season in Review

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A Season in Review

By Matt Mitsis

Every season is unique. You might even say that is one of the best parts about NEMS, besides the ski racing and the people of course. Each year brings with it new venues, new racers, new competition, new friendships, and yes, new challenges. Yet, while each season is unique, there are many things which remain constant. To understand what I’m talking about you simply need to stop and look around at any of our races. What do you see? You see people who have been coming to NEMS races for decades. You see friendships and rivalries that have stood the test of time. You see competitors pushing each other to be better. You see things that are otherwise nonexistent in most other sports. You see exactly what makes NEMS, and every season, so unique.

Starting the season in mid-January with a Super-G was never the intent when we put the schedule together. We said the schedule was going to be a bit different but not like this! However, a Nor’easter followed by an artic freeze and then a tropical depression really left us with no choice. With our wild weather in the rearview, or so we thought, we kicked off the season at Stratton with two amazing Super-G races. Yet it was not to be as the following day ushered in sustained 60 mph winds forcing the closure of all mountain lifts. Imagine nearly 100 eager racers, some of whom had traveled from as far as the west coast and Canada, all sitting at the mid-mountain lodge just staring at a perfectly set GS course. Even the bar was closed! It’s the ultimate ski racing tease and I knew right there it was going to be one of those seasons.

With Stratton behind us we headed into a fantastic weekend of races at Suicide 6 and Ragged Mountain, which would serve as our first and only SL and GS races before Nationals the following week. Plenty of time to work on that technique! I honestly can’t think of a venue I would rather get my first slalom turns of the season on than Suicide 6. Yeah, right!  Thankfully we were greeted with a bluebird day and some amazing snow conditions to go along with it which laid the backdrop for a pretty exciting race. For the men we had some of the usual slalom specialists in attendance, but ultimately the race came down to two young guys, Matt Dodge and David Lozeau, who can still bend like Gumby and throw down an epic run. Matt Dodge took the win that day and 100 points that came along with it. On the women’s side, we had eight fearless racers trip the start wand, but it was Jackie Levy who put down two dominating runs to keep the competition at bay.                                                                                                           









The following day we headed across state lines to Ragged Mountain for the 4th Annual Beer League Challenge. The stakes were high this day with the winning team receiving beer from our friends at Riverwalk Brewing and some pretty serious bragging rights. As with any “team” race there is no shortage of gaming and scheming among the NEMS regulars, but there is always that wildcard factor around who else might show up. Well, this year’s race certainly did not disappoint. For the women, NEMS newcomer Beata Wiktor absolutely dominated the field, winning by over eight seconds! On the men’s side we saw the return of the defending men’s Sise Cup Champion, Kevin O’Brien as well as Ben Drummond, who was back from an ankle injury which sidelined him for all of last season. Add in the list of other speedsters in attendance that day and everyone knew we were going to have one heck of a race!



Team Dilly Dilly for the WIN!

It was a hard fought battle on two really fast courses, but ultimately it was team Dilly Dilly who took home the win, bragging rights, a case of Riverwalk beer with a set of custom brewery coasters designed by Brightspot Art, and of course some High Brew Cold Brew.  




After a stellar tune up weekend we set our sights on Okemo Mountain Resort where the Masters racing community descended for the USSS Phillips 66 Masters Alpine National Championships. Attending a National Championships event is always a fun-filled couple of days. Not only are you racing for some pretty serious awards, but you are competing against other racers with whom you likely have never raced against. As fun as attending a National Championships event may be, actually hosting the National Championships is an entirely different animal. For NEMS, hosting this event is a BIG DEAL because the event only comes to the Eastern division about every 5 years. It serves not only as the perfect opportunity to showcase New England ski racing, but it also allows NEMS to put our stamp on the pinnacle race event of the season. Oh and by the way, the Eastern division was the defending champion. #nopressure

Over the course of the week nearly 200 racers showed up from across the country and competed against not only each other but against Mother Nature, who dropped nearly two feet of snow. Overall it was an exciting week packed with lots of thrilling competition and plenty of sore legs from pre-race snow removal. There were also some memorable after-parties which showcased a few of Vermont’s local exports, such as craft beer and whiskey, cheese and who could forget The Vong! Big congrats to the Midwest Masters division for taking home the trophy this year. Just don’t get too comfortable with it!

There was no rest for the wicked as we headed out to New York the following weekend where our friends at the newly formed Mid-Atlantic Masters division hosted NEMS at West Mountain for an exciting three days of racing. Our NEMS racers had a great showing in both numbers and finishes with NEMS racers taking at least 4 out of the top 10 spots in each of the three races. Mark George had a very productive weekend, scoring a total of 236 points by taking two first place finishes (SG & SL) and a top 10 in the GS. That points grab also catapulted Mark to the top of the men’s overall standings and set up what would become an epic showdown in the weeks to follow.

After a relatively calm week, Mother Nature decided to rejoin the party with another Nor’easter, wiping out our highly anticipated Wachusett Mountain race. Something tells me that this one will be back on the schedule next season though. We did manage to hold the 81th Hochgebirge Cup Challenge the following day at Mittersill, which is the oldest ski club race in North America… In case you didn’t know by now! We had nearly 100 racers turn out for this historic race and even though we had to battle through some early morning fog and a challenging course, it ended up being quite an amazing day. Big shout out to our friends at the Hochgebirge House for hosting the after-party once again. NEMS has been coming to the “Hoch Hilton” for many years and the history behind the house is simply incredible.










In addition to being our second team race of the season, the Hochgebirge Cup Challenge also showcases some of the ski racing legends that have come and gone over the many decades the club has been in existence. Thankfully NEMS has a Club Hochgebirge historian, Derek Griggs, to narrate some of the fascinating history behind the names on all of the different trophies on display around the room. Below is the list of winners from this year’s race:

We wrapped up the season with a long awaited return to Sugarbush Resort. With the men’s overall title and many of the class awards still up for grabs, everyone knew we were in for an exciting two days of racing.

One of the impacts from a shortened season is that every race is a little bit more important. From the overall Sise Cup titles to the Class and Discipline awards, every race can make the difference. Nowhere else was this on bigger display than in the battle for the men’s Sise Cup trophy between Matt Dodge and Mark George. Coming into the weekend, Matt and Mark were tied atop the leader board with 420 points. With only two races remaining, the stakes were high. It had been an epic battle all season long between the two friendly competitors and it had all come down to the last two races of the season. 

On the women’s side, thanks to some dominant early season racing, Jackie Levey was able to enter into finals weekend with the overall women’s title locked up. There was, however, a really great battle for the final two spots on the overall podium between Deb Adams, Margaret Vaughn and Patti Lane. All three of these NEMS veterans had a great season worthy of a top three finish in the overall and had Lane not missed the West Mt. races things could have looked much different entering finals weekend.

Following the West Mt. races we had about as close of a points race as you could have, with Adams and Vaughn separated by only 1 point at 321 and 320, respectively. Although Lane was sitting 100 points back at 220, her big advantage was that she only had four points races coming in, meaning she could earn straight points in at least two of the next three races instead of having to factor in the best of six. Lane was able to benefit from this at the Mittersill race where she picked up another 24 points while neither Adams nor Vaughn were able to add to their overall points.

Entering our final races of the season at Sugarbush, while the overall standings had not changed, Lane’s points from Mittersill had closed the gap and set the stage for some great head-to-head competition between a group of very consistent racers. But the women had a strong field of racers show up that would only ratchet up the pressure and make the path to the overall podium a bit more challenging.


We kicked off the weekend with the GS race on a course which turned out to be rather challenging thanks to a layer of fresh snow. For the women we had quite a battle between defending Sise Cup champion, Taylor Knortz, and former multi-Sise Cup champion, Katie Green. While on the men’s side we had a similar showdown between defending Sise Cup champion Kevin O’Brien and former multi-Sise Cup champion, Ben Green. Ultimately it was the defending champs who took home the top spots but it was certainly a fun race to watch.

The men’s Sise Cup title also got a little more interesting thanks to a rare misstep on the second run of the GS by Matt Dodge, which landed him outside of the top 30 on the day. Yet, even with Mark George finishing in 4th place, the title was not in the bag. Because the titles were based on the best six finishes this season, Mark and Matt were still technically tied at 420 points, which meant it would all come down to the final race of the season.


To win the men’s overall Sise Cup, Dodge simply needed to finish the SL in the top 4 and have George not win the race. Seems pretty straight forward right? Wrong! In a sport which judges you by a mere hundredth of a second, a blink of an eye, we all know that anything can happen. Matt and Mark are two of the most consistent racers on the NEMS circuit with both names routinely appearing at the top of the results page. Not to mention that the Sise Cup trophy has spent so much time sitting atop the mantel at the George residence that there is practically a shadow of it on the wall. Oh, and let’s not forget about the rest of the field which had some strong slalom racers in attendance. Yes, this was going to be exciting!

On the women’s side, following a really competitive GS race in which she skied to a 5th place finish, Deb Adams was able to secure 2nd place in the women’s overall. This left Vaughn and Lane in a battle for the third remaining podium spot, which Lane made even tighter by picking up an additional 40 points that day. However, with Vaughn at 321 points and Lane at 284 points, Lane would need at least a 2nd place finish in the slalom with Vaughn coming in no higher than 4th in order to capture the final spot on the overall podium.

The following day we concluded our season with one heck of a slalom race. With a number of excellent slalom skiers on hand you knew this race would be no snoozer. The women’s race had some exciting competition, but it was the battle between Vaughn and Lane for the third overall podium spot that was on the top of everyone’s mind. With Vaughn racing to a solid 4th place finish and Lane coming in 6th on the day, the battle for 3rd place in the women’s overall Sise Cup came to its conclusion with Vaughn winning by a narrow margin of just 35 points. To put this in perspective, the margin between the 2nd and 3rd place overall finishers for the men was 134 points!

While the headline of the day on the men’s side was the battle for the Sise Cup title, a close second came from a quiet Class 1 guy by the name of Caden Frost, who was racing in his first ever NEMS race and managed to completely torch the competition, leaving an unsuspecting crowd at the finish area looking around in total amazement.

As the final run of the day (and season) began to reach its conclusion and with Dodge and George sitting in 3rd and 4th, respectively, there was a growing level of anticipation at the finish line to see who would be taking home the highly coveted Sise Cup for the men. While anything is possible in ski racing, following George’s solid second run, Dodge simply needed to finish in the top 30 and for George to not win the race. The first shoe to drop came from Ben Green, who put down a second run time that was nearly identical to his first run and officially ensured that George would not win the race. The final piece came just a few minutes later as Dodge threw down a courageous second run, landing him in 3rd place for the day and securing the men’s overall Sise Cup for the season. What a race!

Both the GS and SL races showcased some electrifying runs with racers giving everything they had in order to capture as many of the season’s final points as possible. It really was an amazing way to cap off the season!

In addition to a couple of action packed races to close out the season, we also held our annual Finals Banquet at The Gatehouse Lodge at Sugarbush. I want to thank everyone who stuck around for the banquet and for the staff for doing such an amazing job. It was a great way to officially end our season and a fun night indeed! I also want to congratulate the Overall, Class, and Disciple winners. There was some fierce competition across the board and it takes a high level of commitment and sacrifice to accomplish what you achieved this past season. Well done by all!

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