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Janeway Cup (Stratton Mountain)

Named after the late Vermont State Senator, Edward Janeway, who also served on Stratton Mountain’s board of directors, the Janeway Cup is awarded to the fastest man and women over the age of 40. This race has been a long time favorite on the New England Masters circuit, dating back to at least 1970. A quick glance at the past winners of this perpetual trophy reads like a Who’s Who of masters ski racing.

Janeway Cup Winners
Year Men Women
1999 Bob Hill Nadine Price
2000 Pepi Neubauer Nadine Price
2001 Pepi Neubauer Margaret Vaughn
2002 Doug Tucker Lisa Densmore
2003 Scott Hardy Sally White
2004 Patrick McNamara Sally White
2006 Scott Hardy Nadine Price
2007 Scott Hardy Nadine Price
2008 Bob Hill Carolyn Beckedorff
2009 Bob Hill Carolyn Beckedorff
2010 Patrick McNamara Carolyn Beckedorff
2011 Patrick McNamara Lisa Densmore
2019 Mark George Polly Schmid


Bunny Bertram Memorial (Suicide Six)

Established in 1974, this annual slalom race is held at Suicide Six Ski Area in honor of Wallace “Bunny” Bertram. Bunny not only owned Suicide Six from 1936 to 1961 (he sold it to the Rockefellers!) but he is credited with developing the first continuously operating ski tow in the United States. Bunny also pioneered the first NASTAR type races, developed the first certification test for ski instructors in 1948 and installed the first poma type lift for New England in 1954. He also assisted in setting up the first youth racing program in America.

The Bunny Bertram Award is presented to the three fastest men and women overall.

Bunny Bertram Memorial Winners
Year Men Women
2019 Matt Dodge Cinthia Audet
Eric Vitiello Eliza Phillips
Mark George Nadine Price
2018 Matt Dodge Jackie Levy
David Lozeau Margaret Vaughn
Terence Fogarty Cynthia Berlack


Lobstah Cup (Shawnee Peak)

The newest cup on the New England Masters circuit. The Lobstah Cup was created in 2016 to not only celebrate the first New England Masters races at Shawnee Peak but to pay homage to one of Maine’s most well-known commodities, the Lobster.

The Lobstah Cup is awarded to the man and women with the fastest combined time on the day. No handicapping, no points … just speed baby! In addition to having their names forever etched in New England Masters history, the winners of the Lobstah Cup also receive a gift card to a specialty lobster shop in Maine so they can celebrate victory over their very own lobster dinner.

Previous Winners:


Lobstah Cup Winners
Year Man Woman
2016 Ace Tarberry Taylor Knortz
2017 Ace Tarberry Taylor Knortz
2019 Alec Tarberry Beata Wiktor


Beer League Challenge (Ragged Mountain)

In addition to Masters races, many of our racers also participate in night/beer leagues at various mountains around New England during the week. Being the competitors that we are, there has been a long standing debate around which league is in fact the best.

Established in 2015, the Beer League Challenge is a race to settle all doubts about which mountain has the best beer/night league team each season. As one of only two “team” races on the NEMS schedule, the Beer League Challenge has quickly become one of the more popular races on the circuit with the winning team not only receiving ultimate bragging rights but also taking home a delicious case of beer in addition to number other prizes worthy of only the best of the best.

Below are the rules:

  • Teams of six racers (male/female/mixed)
  • The men’s overall finish results are divided into four quarters
  • The women’s overall finish results are split into halves
  • Each of the quarters and halves is scored using old World Cup scoring
  • All finisher’s points are added up for the team they are on
  • The team with the highest points wins the ultimate bragging rights to best beer league in New England!

Previous Winners:

Beer League Challenge Team Champions
2015 2016 2017 2018
Women of Wachusett Women of Wachusett Dilly Dilly
Lisa Marien Lisa Marien Mark George Matt Mitsis
Lauren Bennett Lauren Bennett Kevin O’Brien
Kate Parhiala Kate Parhiala Leonard Kwan
Shannan Budde Shannan Budde Kate Parhiala
Martha Hanright Sara Melekian
Jackie Levy Cynthia Berlack


Hochgebirge Cup Challenge (Cannon/Mittersill)

**Coming soon!**

Gibson Cup

The Gibson Cup was organized by Harvey Dow Gibson and his wife Helen to stimulate ski racing interest in the Eastern Slope Ski Club. The history of the Gibson Cup stretches back to the winter of 1940 and is named after one of Cranmore’s founding fathers, Harvey Dow Gibson. Gibson cleared the first trails on the slopes of Mount Cranmore in 1937 and was key in the relocation of Austrian Hannes Schneider to North Conway who later became known as “the father of American skiing” and the director of the Cranmore Ski School.

The Gibson Cup has had a number of formats over the past 75+ years.  From 1940-1966 the race served as a premier racing event attracting many of the top racers in the East. In 1989 the Gibson Cup was revived as a Masters event. Race organizers used a format which divided racers’ times by their ages for the event.

More recently, the Gibson Cup was awarded to the overall winner of a two day combined race for New England Masters (NEMS) Series. The weekend long event was comprised of a Giant Slalom and a Slalom race. The overall winner of the 2-day event would have their names inscribed upon the Trophy that still hangs on the wall of Zip’s Pub.  The names on the Trophy are familiar to the ski racing community and include former US Ski Team members, Olympians and World Cup and Pro Tour Racers; but the race has not been held as a NEMS event since 2011.

In 2017, the Gibson Cup made its return as a 5-Race series held in conjunction with, but separate from, Mountain Meisters. For more information on the current Gibson Cup race series please visit the Cranmore Mountain Meisters Race page.

Previous Winners:

Gibson Cup
Year Men Women
1940 Toni Matt Margaret Phillips
1941 Toni Matt Susan Sise
1942 Toni Matt Paula Kann
1943 Toni Matt Paula Kann
1944 Robert Berring Jr. Paula Kann
1945 Robert Savard Paula Kann
1946 Kristofer Berg Paula Kann
1947 Toni Matt Paula Kann
1948 Kalle Nergaard Ann Dodge
1949 Tor Arnenerg / George Macomber Anne Johnson
1950 Gale Shaw Jr. Anne Johnson Jones
1951 W. Douglas Burden Ellanor Sharpe / Betsy Strong
1952 Edi Mall Jimmie Snively
1953 Othmar Schneider Anne Johnson Jones
1954 Charly Furrer Anne Johnson Jones
1955 Chiharu Igaya Inger Jorgensen
1956 Edi Mall Leona Reny
1957 Tom Corcoran Penny Pitou
1958 Edi Mall Mary Lind
1959 Tom Corcoran Sally Deaver
1960 Don Henderson Betty Ann Bell
1961 Skip Bryan Mary Stowell
1962 Norton Webber Jr. Marsha Fletcher
1963 Roger Buchika Mary Stowell
1989 Herbert Schneider Pam Fischer
1995 Richard Wright Kim Wolff
1996 Lisa Densmore
1997 Bill McGrath Meg St John
1998 Tyler Palmer Lisa Densmore
1999 Brian Dewsnap Lisa Densmore
2000 Pat McNamara Melissa Patterson
2001 Chris Johnson Karen Nash
2002 Susanna Witcher
2003 Sean Florian Jessie McAleer
2004 Sean Florian Carolyn Beckedorff
2005 Tip Kimball Carolyn Beckedorff
2006 Alex Gadbios Jessie McAleer
2007 Matt Aschliman Jessie McAleer
2008 Brent Grygiel Carolyn Beckedorff
2009 Luke Hiebert Jessie McAleer
2010 Terrance Fogarty Jessie McAleer
2011 Luke Hiebert Jessie McAleer
2017 Ace Tarberry Maggie Flynn
2018 Ace Tarberry Maggie Flynn


Legends Cup (Finals Venue)

The Legends Cup was established as way to remember and honor all those passed racers that impacted Masters Racing in a meaningful way as well to pass our heritage onto the younger racers among us.

Different from our other races, the Legends Cup is a handicapped race and the female/male winner is determined on a net time basis.

Masters Legends
Rod Aller Jane Hough Dick Prentice
George Anderson Ginny Hunt Arne Rostadt
Alan Beck Keith Jones Al  Sise
Bob Butler Woody Jones Hub Sise
George Caner Cynthia Lathrop Marshall & Joan Skiff
Dick Comey – Comey Comets Chris Leuci Rod Taylor
Jim Cook Curt Lipke Jack Tobin
Fred Crane Tom Maynes Larry Voelker
Cheeb Everitt Billy Mcgrath Harold Wescott
Bob Fisher Egil Nillsen Heinz Paul Wieser
Nate Grifkin Frasier Noble Dick Wood


 Sise Cup Trophy

Named in honor of Al Sise, the father of alpine masters ski racing and a member of both the Vermont Ski Museum Hall of Fame and the National Ski Hall of Fame. The Sise Cup is the most prestigious award within the New England Masters and is bestowed to the top man and women points holders at the end of each race season.

Sise Cup Champions
Year Men Women Year Men Women
1971 Brooks Dodge 2001 Will Withington Caroline Beckedorff
1972 Rodger Buchika 2002 Chris Johnson Jessie McAleer
1973 Rodger Buchika 2003 Bob Hill Jessie McAleer
1974 Brooks Dodge 2004 Matt Aeschliman Jessie McAleer
1975 Rodger Buchika 2005 Bob Hill Caroline Beckedorff
1976 Rodger Buchika 2006 David Wolff Jessie McAleer
1977 Rodger Buchika Debbie McLane 2007 Mark George Caroline Beckedorff
1978 Rodger Buchika Debbie McLane 2008 Randy Detrick Caroline Beckedorff
1979 Jeff Jacobs Debbie McLane 2009 Ben Green Jessie McAleer
1980 Peter Cater Debbie Carter 2010 Ben Green Jessie McAleer
1981 Peter Cater Susan MacNeil 2011 Mark George Jessie McAleer
1982 Peter Cater Susan Fisher 2012 Ben Green Katie George Green
1983 John Macomber Debbie Carter 2013 Ben Green Katie George Green
1984 John Macomber Debbie Carter 2014 Ben Green Lisa Marien
1985 Bob Rose Debbie Carter 2015 Matthew Dodge Alex Mitchell
1986 Bob Rose Susan Fisher 2016 Kevin O’Brien Jackie Levy
1987 Rich Wright / David Dodge Joan Crane Barthold 2017 Kevin O’Brien Taylor Knortz
1988 Bob Hill Joan Crane Barthold /    Kathy-Rae Presby 2018 Matthew Dodge Jackie Levy
1989 Rich Wright Joan Crane Barthold 2019 Matthew Dodge Alex Mitchell
1990 Wayne Wright Kathy-Rae Presby 2020
1991 Bob Hill Lisa Feinberg Densmore
1992 Bob Hill Joan Crane Barthold
1993 William McGrath Lisa Feinberg Densmore
1994 William McGrath Lisa Feinberg Densmore
1995 Tyler Palmer Kim Wolff
1996 William McGrath Lisa Feinberg Densmore
1997 William McGrath Brooks Axelson
1998 Chris Johnson Brooks Axelson
1999 Chris Johnson Lisa Feinberg Densmore
2000 Chris Johnson Melissa Patterson

Season Awards:

Tobin Award:

Named in honor of ski racing legend Jack Tobin, this award is given to an Eastern Masters racer (New England, New York or Mid-Atlantic divisions) for “outstanding contribution to Eastern Masters Ski Racing”.

Jack Tobin Award
1990 Al Sise 2000 Marshall & Joan Skiff 2010 George Caner
1991 Faith Middleton 2001 David “Duffy” Dodge 2011 George Merrill
1992 Gary Colwell 2002 Bob & Pam Fisher 2012 Pepe Neubauer
1993 Jane Hough 2003 Dick Prentice 2013 Pete Donaghy
1994 Bob & Cheryl Risberger 2004 Bob McGrath 2014 Horst Locher
1995 Alan Beck 2005 Bromley Outing Club 2015 David Strang
1996 Fraser Noble 2006 Paul Rich 2016 Peter Cornish & Okemo Mt. Race Crew
1997 Cynthia Lathrop 2007 Ski Club Hochgebirge 2017
1998 Dick Comey 2008 George Anderson 2018 Anne Nordhoy
1999 Jim & Jane Cook 2009 Bill McCollom 2019 Hubert Schriebel


George Anderson Spirit of Masters Award:

Named in memory of beloved NEMS legend, George Anderson, who passed away suddenly in 2008, this prestigious award is given to the NEMS competitor who truly exemplifies the spirt of Masters racing in New England.  Selected annually by the Board of Directors, the recipient of this award can be easily characterized by each of the below criteria. The racer must:

  • Excel in participation
  • Always be cheerful and congenial
  • Values and honor the friendships forged through Masters
  • Knows almost everyone and greet everyone with a smile
  • Be quick to lend a hand to anyone who needs one and
  • Always carries at least double his or her weight in coats at each race!
George Anderson Spirit of Masters Award
2009 Justin Rubinstein 2013 Dale Maynard 2017 Mike Suriani
2010 Tom Lahaise 2014 Alphonse Sevigny 2018 Matt Dodge
2011 Katie George 2015 John Spooner 2019 Eric Vitiello
2012 Patti Lane 2016 Chuck Thorndike


Endurance Award:

Established in 2018, this award is given to NEMS racers who compete in every scored NEMS race during the season. While each season is different, a typical NEMS season can have between 15-21 races across 3-5 states! Competing in every single race requires the highest level of commitment, both physically and mentally that deserves to be recognized.

Endurance Award
2018 2019
Mark George Hans Truckenbrod
Margaret Vaughn
Eric Vitiello


Rookie of the Year Award:

Established in 2019, The Rookie of the Year award is bestowed to a new NEMS racer who attends a meaningful number of races, and has a positive impact on the season.

Rookie of the Year
2019 Andrew MacPherson Susan Bradshaw


 Comeback Racer of the Year Award:

Established in 2019, The Comeback Racer of the Year award is presented to a racer who was forced to miss a significant portion of a race season due to injury, but was able to return to racing and preform at a high level.

Comeback Racer of the Year
2019 John Spooner


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