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Don’t miss out on your chance for glory, pride and GOOD BEER!!  The Ragged Beer League Challenge begins on Sunday at the NEMS GS at Ragged.  Last year’s fierce competitors team WOW of Wachusett crushed it, so take their lead as you put together your team.  The Rules are:

Everyone forms teams of six (6), any gender or age mix, it doesn’t matter.

We run the race as normal.   Men’s overall finish list is broken into four quarters (A, B, C, D) and ladies list is broken into halves (A, B).

Each of the quarters and halves is scored with old World Cup scoring (A divisions 25, 20, 15, 12 etc, and the rest 20, 15, 12, 10 etc) and all finishers points added up for the team they are on.  So…. if you had six racers in a field of say 60 men and 12 women and your men finished  2nd,  16th,  24th, and 31st and your women finished 5th and 7th you would probably have the winning team.   That would equal  20+ 20+6+20 + 10+20= 96.

Do you think you can create a winning team?  Also on the prize docket is a pair of Fischer GS skis to be raffled off at the awards on Sunday.  So you have the chance to leave with a pair of skis in one hand and a good cold brew in the other.  What could be better??


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